About Us

Get it right the first time.

Seven Hills IT is a customer service-oriented business with over 20 years experience in hands-on systems integration. We are currently focusing on point-of-sale systems, offering to switch clients to wholesale direct credit card processing and if needed, upgrade the terminals and software. With over 100 installations, we know how to get it right. We can work with restaurants, retail shops, service businesses and online stores.

Our business model is helping merchants in two ways: avoiding unnecessary credit card processing fees and automating their business. We are an independent organization, not tied to a specific processor or point-of-sale software. We simply listen to your needs and put together an economical solution. It’s also a no-hassle sales approach. You may not even need to do anything, and we’ll tell you that too.

We’re a local on-site company that goes above and beyond any internet-based provider. Where will they be when there is an issue with a card? Where will they be when the printer decides to check out? Do they even know if your local network is secure and functioning? Can they help train your employees on-site? The answer is no for them, but yes for us. We do all of that.

Since 1996, Seven Hills IT has provided cost-effective technology services for businesses large and small. We believe in applying technology to truly automate your business, not just selling you the next new shiny object. Sometimes it’s a simple change, and sometimes it’s a whole new system. We also believe in old-fashioned on-site service.  Our rates are reasonable, and our service is exceptional.