Lower Fees.

Increase your profit by paying a lower rate to process credit cards. Through Total Systems (www.tsys.com), a global payment processor with wholesale rates, we offer Interchange-Plus pricing plans as low as 20 basis points (.20%) . For a typical mix of debit and credit transactions, this is an overall effective rate of about 2.10%. This will save .50 – 1.00% on revenue, which translates to thousands in additional profit, and it’s year after year.

An effective rate of 2.10% compares particularly well to proprietary systems like Square (2.75%) and Quickbooks (3.00-4.00%). 

Many businesses and non-profits pay unnecessary processing fees, mainly because the processor markup is lumped in with the Interchange costs. We make switching easy, clearly explaining your current fees and estimated savings. There is generally cost to switch, as we are paid by the processor.

Service is the most important piece, as we configure your reader or point-of-sale software properly so there are no issues. On-site service and 24×7 phone support is included. If a new point-of-sale system is needed, we offer complete systems including the local network and training.


  • Square:  2.75%   
  • Quickbooks:  3.00%   
  • BB&T:  3.00%

Wholesale card rate:  2.10%